Business Development Networking

Business development is often linked to growth, management, change, best practices, innovation, business concepts and entrepreneurship.

As these concepts are difficult to implement even on an individual base; RV as an external advisor seeks to develop an institutional and systematic approach in developing the business of its clients and help them improve their business development activities and networking by utilizing its experience in the markets we are active in; utilizing its network of contacts and the updated knowledge of potential projects and opportunities.

RV has developed over the years a deep understanding of the various market triggers and the uniqueness of every market and as such has developed its own methodology for achieving success trough business development through providing the following set of services:

Customized Market Research –    RV implements a unique approach towards extracting data related to a particular market for its clients and recommends innovative variations in reading the market data.

Market potential assessment – RV combines its insights and knowledge of particular markets in the MENA region for evaluating the market potentials of a particular service or product

Competitors Analysis – RV analysis the competitors landscape in a realistic and projected scenarios building on the strengths of its client and identifying the opportunities through mapping the competitors landscape

Market entry strategy – Adopting the principles of growth, innovation, business concepts and entrepreneurship, RV works closely with its client to develop a unique market entry strategy

Strategic alliance building – RV diversification and in-depth market knowledge are two principles that we believe in and builds accordingly best suiting strategic alliances that would serve as a tool for growth and expansion into particular markets or regions