Building Strategic Partnerships

RV strives to understand the needs and requirements of its clients and identifies complementing and value adding roles with the objective to realize it’s client’s vision and objectives; then RV through its international network engineers and proposes a complementing partnership; in doing so we seek to realize the following:

Common Interests – Both entities have to share common interests sought from the partnership whether for the individual project or as a whole.

Complementing Roles – Each of the parties has a set of competencies while the partnership is a success formula for realizing the set objective

Synergy– The output value of both entities working together is much greater than if any of them worked on its own

Win- Win – The relationship must be equally appealing to both parties otherwise it will be a short-lived relationship

Shared competencies & resources/span> – Both parties build on their joined competencies and resources in defining particular roles for each and pledge needed resources.

Long Term – The vision for every partnership we build is long-term and not opportunistic

Risk Minimization – RV seeks to minimize the risk for all involved parties including itself throughout the life of the partnership.

RV maintains an external eye on the relationship as it moves along offering strategic direction as an external advisor if needed and shares the risk with the parties in realizing the initial goals.