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Company Overview

Render Ventures (RV) was established in 2011 to build on the regional Middle East project potentials with a unique international professionalism adapted in providing solutions that cater for the local regional mindset, yet implementing international best practices and benchmarks.

    Is an independent boutique advisory firm providing companies with business solutions to create value.

    Advises companies in engineering financial solutions suitable to their specific needs. The professional expertise of its team provides clients with tailor-made innovative solutions. RV’s vision offers a competitive advantage in the execution of corporate finance assignments, and in the implementation of strategic analyses.

    As an independent advisory boutique firm, RV establishes long-term relationships with its clients providing them with unbiased recommendations in all the assignments of its advisory activity.

    Has acquired a deep knowledge of the market specializing in the following sectors: Real Estate, Telecommunications, Education, Medical and Oil & Gas.

In its short history since its establishment RV has already reserved itself a place in the region as a company that understands the needs and requirements of both private and public sector clients, and tailors innovative solutions and business opportunities that meet and even exceed the expectations

What Sets Us Apart

Dedication – We are fully devoted to every assignment we undertake.

Success Driven – All of our services are primarily success based assignments.

Value -We always look towards building real business value for our clients.

Understanding Change – We understand that change is the only constant and so should businesses; be capable of adapting to the constant changes in the global economies.

Differentiation Change – We know that every client seeks to be differentiated from the rest of their competitors; we help them build a solid credible base for leading the way in their field.

Multidisciplinary – Over the years we have built a network of partners, both regional and international whom we call upon for delivering success to our clients.

Networking & Contacts – We have invested heavily over the years in building a solid diversified network of contacts that are all employed for building value to our clients.

Market Understanding – We know from experience that implementing international best practices might not guarantee solid results; therefore we have built a unique market understanding privileged to our clients in implementing innovative business solutions that guarantees success.

Placement – In today’s challenging business environment we understand that we are working in a global village where boarders are diminishing but only properly placed business initiatives guarantee long term existence and progress in the diverse global markets; we have developed a strong business development base to help our client’s long term continuous progress.

Success Partners – We believe in long-term relationships built on value creation and satisfaction; this is why we refer to our clients as our partners – Success Partners.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on bridging the gap between international practices and project potentials in the geographic areas we work in; to deliver long term success in implementing the vision of our clients.

Our approach balances risks and builds on untapped white space opportunities in providing our clients with innovative business solutions that create value to all project stakeholders.

Our approach strives to build a solid win-win relationship between the project stakeholders in an effort to create a long-term progressing partnership through leading business solutions.
Our services are targeted at the various stages of a company’s life cycle. We work closely with venture capitalists to assist in the start-up of new companies. We become part of our client’s management team, offering and implementing advisory services, business strategies and tactical requirements.

Busy lifestyles and multiple priorities make successful investing more challenging than ever. In today’s complex and ever-changing financial marketplace, it is important to take a team approach to preparing for your financial future.
We are committed to a long-term philosophy that emphasizes quality and diversification. We make every effort to avoid investments that are likely to confuse or disappoint clients.

At RV, we strive every day to serve the best interests of our clients. Over the years, we have witnessed and experienced many exciting and challenging changes in the economies we are active in.

Cutting-edge technology, more direct access to markets, lower transaction costs and instantaneous access to information have truly empowered investors like never before. As any prudent business would do, we anticipate, assess, react and adjust to change hand in hand with our clients.

Our philosophy

Our business philosophy is to manage a limited number of projects at any time, successfully completing each assignment, and fostering a long-term relationship with our clients. We are relationship focused, not transactional focused. RV manages every aspect of defining, marketing, negotiating and closing transactions on behalf of our clients.

We work with synergistic brands and initiatives to achieve mutual success. We actively seek out projects we feel we can add value to with our innovative deal structuring and unmatched work ethic. We are informed and knowledgeable about growth and financial strategies to maximize shareholder value, current market perceptions, and valuation metrics across industries and legal or regulatory issues affecting the business landscape. We bring this collective expertise and years of experience to every assignment.

RV maintains a strong network of high-quality firms that act as strategic alliance partners in providing our clients comprehensive solutions to their requirements. When RV embarks on a strategic alliance, it does so with the following in mind:

Common Values: we seek strategic alliances with firms that hold the same high value belief of RV as it relates to ethics, integrity and a focus on meeting client expectations

Strategic Value: a strategic partner is only added to the RV portfolio if we believe that a unique value proposition can be created for our clients

International Relevance: our strategic alliances must have an international focus that coordinates with the RV international philosophy

Why do we do what we do

We are motivated by our ambition to be the best in what we do. We have the resources, the connections, the partners and the minds for being the best in our field and in what we do.

We aim to build good partnerships, providing our clients with the best service they can get, which will guarantee the best outcomes the client is hoping for.

We start any cooperation by building a relation with our clients as we are always trying to establish a long-term relation. And in this relation we aim to facilitate the investment stages for our clients in order for them to get their expected outcomes and results in the best way possible.

We provide consultation because we know we have the best team.
When we start any cooperation we always have the client’s best interest in mind.

We are driven by our knowledge about what makes projects successful and fruitful.

Our Team

The vast knowledge and experience of Render Venture’s management team collectively constitutes a key base for success and maintaining value and high quality service for our clients. Team members are endowed with the appropriate skills and determination to create a dynamic and value adding business development.

This pool of knowledge and experience is considered a unique source to develop advanced strategies for the different sectors we service such as Real Estate, Telecommunications, Education, Health Care and Oil & Gas fields.

Render Ventures thrives on having a long-standing rapport with an extensive network of consultants and experts across a broad range of professional and industry sectors, drawing on their expertise as necessary according to the nature of each transaction. As part of its strategic vision based on the importance of experienced and motivated individuals as part of continuous growth, Render Venture is committed to attracting and maintaining the highest caliber people across the organization while giving them unequivocal support to deliver superior results.